Share with us how you two met: Cuyler was friends with my sister and her now husband. I had just gotten over a bad heart break and I started hanging out with my sister and her friends. Before I knew it, Cuyler had gotten my number from me and we started talking then hanging out and then dating. It took off from there.

Tell us about your proposal: Cuyler knew I wanted to just get away from Sampson county for a weekend, so he agreed to take me to the beach house his parents have down in Sneads Ferry. We had gone down Wilmington to eat by the water that Friday night, which was April 1, 2016. He had mentioned that maybe if we wake up in time he would cook me breakfast that next day. Funny thing is, we always say we are going to wake up early enough to cook breakfast and eat together, it never happens. We went to sleep that night and he had gotten up early and went into the kitchen and fumbled around. I am a dead sleeper so I had no idea what was going on. When he woke me up he told me he cooked breakfast. Well I walk into the kitchen and he only has one plate of pancakes and sausage sitting there in my spot, nothing for himself. I asked where his was and he just stated it was too early for him to eat breakfast. I ate some and couldn’t eat what all he had cooked for me, which is not a usual thing because I usually eat all my food on my plate. He began to freeze up once we heard the go pro beep on top of the microwave, he just made me look outside and he stuttered, ssqquuiirrell. I thought nothing of it. I told him I was done eating so he then told me he had hoped I would have finished my food but that he left me a message written on my plate. I picked up my pancake and saw that he had written “will you marry me?” on the paper plate. As soon as I looked up he was on one knee with a ring gleaming from ear to ear. Some may say, that was a silly proposal but cooking breakfast is an unusual thing for us, so when that happens, something big is about to happen. One of the happiest days of my life.Describe your wedding dress. What was wedding shopping like for you? My wedding dress was complete opposite of what I had ever thought I would want or even pinned all throughout the year of being engaged. I always thought I would have a dress with all over lace and one with the back out somehow. My dress was lace on top of the chest with cap sleeves. My back was somewhat open but not completely down to my tail area. It was form fitting all the way down and flowed out to the ground with lace around the bottom. Honestly, my family and friends can tell you I can be a bit complicated when taken shopping for just about anything. It must be perfect but I get aggravated after a while if I don’t find something and tend to settle. We literally spent the entire day looking for a dress in New York Bride and Groom of Garner. That place was amazing and I was really impressed with myself how I didn’t rush myself or get impatient. We left there after I knew I had found the dress and went to eat lunch and try some on at David’s Bridal. Every dress I put on I turned my nose up and just didn’t look happy. After four dresses being tried on, we went back to NY Bride and Groom and purchased the dress of my dreams. I could put it on a thousand times and still fall in love with it all over again. That is the only dress I tried on that I immediately started crying.

How about you wedding shoes and jewelry? My wedding shoes I purchased from Jack Rogers. They were monogrammed jack rogers. I absolutely loved them. I have never had a pair of real jack rogers but I got the idea from my cousin’s wife that wore them in her wedding with the color of her wedding. The jewelry I bought came from Belk.

Tell us about your hair and makeup: My hair and makeup stylists were beyond amazing. I had two lovely ladies, Emily Odum and Tori King. Emily did my hair and makeup along with some other bridesmaids and mothers and Tori did others as well. They do an amazing job and I would recommend them to anyone and everyone that is getting married, going to prom, bridal portraits, or whatever they need done.

Tell us about your flowers? My colors of my wedding were all pastel colors. pastel blue, ballet pink, and meadow green. I had cabbage roses in all flowers whether it was bouquets, corsages, boutonnieres, etc. My bouquet consisted of all ivory flowers and greenery. Pinterest is a lifesaver. My mom and I went to olive branch in Wallace and showed her the pictures I pinned and she ran with it. I couldn’t have been happier.

Tell us about your groomsmen: Our groomsmen consisted of all Cuyler’s best friends that he had grown up with and new friends as well. All the boys knew each other from union. His dad was his best man. We had 7 groomsmen including the best man and four ushers.

Tell us about your bridesmaids: I couldn’t have asked for better bridesmaids, honestly. My matron of honor was my sister of course. Then there were 6 other bridesmaids next to her. I had four of my best friends, two of my cousins, and my sister. I couldn’t imagine having anyone else standing next to me on one of the most important days of my life.

Any gifts from each other? My wonderful husband gave me a pair of Costas I had tried on like 6 months before our wedding that I had wanted but never had extra money to buy them for myself and the bracelet I wore in the wedding. I gave him a fishing reel that he absolutely wanted, like always and gave him a personalized wooden wallet insert to carry with him every day.

What is the best memory from your wedding? One of the best memories I have from our wedding is walking down the aisle. I had talked to a few other brides that had recently gotten married about the nerves I had about walking in front of all those people. They assured me I wouldn’t see anyone but my husband to be at the end. Everyone else would become a blur. They were completely right. The only person I saw walking down the aisle was Cuyler, who I must mention was complete emotional mess. I loved seeing him waiting for me at the alter getting so emotional seeing me for the first time as his soon to be wife. The ladies from my church says he won the husband of the year award with that reaction.

What songs did you choose for the ceremony? I chose to marry me by train for the wedding party to walk in, canon in D for the bridal processional, from the ground up by Dan and shay for the cord ceremony, and sign sealed delivered for the song when we walked out of the ceremony. I literally just googled different songs as we were planning and chose the ones I loved the most.

Tell us about your photographer: My photographer was the one and only Carly Fogleman. I am amazed at how well she deals with such chaos on a wedding day and yet captures the most precious moments. Alongside were her helpers and her second photographer. The wedding day was a complete blur so I am glad I have pictures that I can always look back on to remember.

Tell us about your cake. My cake was funfetti cake. That is our favorite kind. Cuyler isn’t a sweets kind of person so it takes a lot for him to get into a sweet fix. The icing was buttercream icing and had chocolate and blue velvet cupcakes on the side of the three-tier cake.

Any final thoughts? The only thing I must end this with is, thank you to anyone and everyone that had a part in our wedding day whether it was small or a big part. We couldn’t have pulled it off without everyone’s help that day and throughout the engagement. Like I said before, our dream wedding became a reality the moment we woke up on June 10, 2017. It was the best day of our lives.

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